Highly Experienced M&A Advisory Firm

Leveraging our independence and objectivity, we have helped hundreds of clients build and maximize enterprise value – while honoring their values, their legacy, and the intersection of their professional and personal goals.

Unlike larger bulge-bracket firms and Wall Street giants, we engage clients based on the opportunity to bring true value to the table. With no underlying agendas and no add-on service offerings, WhiteHorse Partners has the luxury of being able to focus on the clients’ singular objective, without distraction. Our deal teams roll up their sleeves and are in it for the long haul. We’re committed to your best interests.

Because we only succeed when you do, we have a significant vested interest in seeing to it that your objective is achieved by CREATING AND MAXIMIZING VALUE and OPTIMIZING THE OUTCOME of the transaction. We personally research, negotiate, and manage all aspects of every engagement, and pride ourselves on building long-term, mutually rewarding relationships that transcend mere transactions.

We Work Exclusively With Successful Entrepreneurial Business Owners

We work only with a select number of clients at any given time, which allows us to concentrate all of our creativity and talent on a small number of clients to whom we bring great value. We choose our clients as carefully as we choose our friends, because we believe that the single most predictive factor of success in a strategic advisory relationship is positive chemistry.

Often, these are company founders. Sometimes, they are multi-generation families. They all started with a common goal: first, to build something of value, and someday—when the value can be maximized—to either take some chips off the table and enjoy continued growth, or divest themselves completely and ride off into the sunset.