The Legend of the White Horse

The Legendary White Horse is known for its symbolic meaning that represents strength, passion, commitment, purpose, and results. Throughout the history of diverse cultures and spirituality, the White Horse that  exemplified leadership through power, wisdom, values, and protection. We at WhiteHorse Partners, LLC believe that these virtues are critical characteristics of an advisor who will guide you, the Entrepreneur-Business Owner, through what will likely be the most important, most complex and most valuable transaction of your life.

No Two COMPANIES Are the Same

Ours is not a “one-size-fits-all” commoditized process. The entire WhiteHorse Partners team takes a personalized, hands-on approach to working with each and every client. By design, our process includes digging deep to learn every nuance of a client’s company.

We are known for our willingness to invest significant amounts of time and energy to understand the specific circumstances of each client’s business. To do the research up-front, when it should be done. We ask the right questions and we actively listen to the answers, so that when it’s time to entertain prospective acquirers, we are organized and prepared to effectively and efficiently lead our clients through the often intimidating process of fielding buyers and their inquiries.

No Two CLIENTS Are the Same

At WhiteHorse Partners LLC, we value and appreciate the unique character strengths of our highly successful Entrepreneur-Business Owner clients – their ingenuity, authenticity, fairness, gratitude, and enthusiasm are unmistakable. Our clients are among the smartest, most creative, high-quality people that we have ever met.

We approach each client engagement with creativity and flexibility – developing adaptive solutions rooted in a clear understanding of each client’s goals, values, business and industry.

Surround Yourself With EXPERTS

From our perspective, there is great value in creating a community of experts who can serve in an advisory capacity to owners of privately held companies. After decades of representing privately held companies of nearly every size, shape and level of sophistication, one thing rings true….the transaction process is always optimized when key outside advisors are included on the deal team.

At WhiteHorse Partners LLC, WE KNOW WHAT WE DON’T KNOW and we’re not afraid to admit it. Despite having managed dozens of complex transactions—each one with its own, unique structure–we are not tax accountants and we are not M&A attorneys. Rather, we have aligned ourselves with several top practitioners in related fields, who have been not only instrumental, but have been highly effective in successfully completing transactions.

We are proud of our strong relationships with other expert advisors to middle-market companies. We have built a network of some of the nation’s finest M&A attorneys and accountants, management consultants, board members, and others to assist our clients at critical points throughout the process. In our experience, the transaction process is more efficient, less stressful and ultimately results in a more favorable outcome when our clients utilize these professional resources.