WhiteHorse Partners, LLC’s unique process to sell a business is flexible—closely considering each client’s circumstances and objectives together with existing marketplace conditions–yet formal. Client confidentiality is of highest priority and protected via staged disclosure of information and a thorough qualification process.

We prefer to WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER. As such, our deal teams have worked together to develop a “Best Practices” methodology, which is the product of decades of education, on-the-job training, positive (and not-so-positive) experiences, and client feedback. Each major component of the WhiteHorse Partners Process has been rendered more efficient and more effective than that of other M&A advisory firms. Our primary motivation in developing our “Best Practices” was to lessen the burden and mitigate the stress endured by the client during the later stages of the transaction process.

The WhiteHorse Partners Process involves the following steps:

  • Collect as much information as possible–qualitative and quantitative–about the Company and its operations via interviews, site visits, etc.
  • Analyze the Company’s financial position as it currently operates
  • Determine areas where profitability, and therefore value, could be increased
  • Determine the adjusted Enterprise Value of the Company
  • Assess and build consensus among shareholders on the strategic options
  • Assess the Company strategy, industry characteristics, and competitive dynamics
  • Create Company descriptive information
  • Strategize to determine best potential buyer/investor fit
  • Position the Company to optimize its market value
  • Search worldwide for the best strategic or financial buyer/investor
  • Evaluate many potential candidates; proceed with a select few
  • Customize the approach to each buyer/investor based on individual investor wants and needs
  • Coordinate buyer/investor meetings
  • Orchestrate limited auction process amongst interested buyers/investors
  • Negotiate and structure the transaction for the best price, terms, and conditions
  • Build upon the client’s existing advisory team to create a world-class M&A advisory team
  • Manage the due diligence process in such a way that burden is largely removed from the client
  • Organize a confidential online data room to share Company information with investors
  • Steadfastly guide all parties across the finish line to close the transaction

Associates of White Horse Partners are registered representatives of and securities are offered through ENTE Securities LLC Member FINRA/SiPC.